The Shiner Series – Hefeweizen

3 Aug

The next beer in the Shiner Series is the Shiner Hefeweizen. This has quickly become a favorite in our house! The Hefeweizen is an unfiltered Bavarian style wheat beer brewed with lemon and orange zest. Then honey and yeast are added before it’s bottled, so it undergoes a second fermentation right in the bottle. We got to bust out our fancy beer glasses for this one, because to get the best flavor from the beer, you need to pour half of it into a glass, swirl the bottle a bit to activate the yeast, and then pour the rest in. The beer is a bit cloudy since it’s unfiltered and the yeast is in action, but it goes down so smoothly and the hint of citrus and honey makes it incredibly delicious! Definitely a keeper in my opinion.


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