NYC Cheesecake Battle

11 Aug

Cheesecake was big on my mind while in NYC last week – I’ve always heard about Roxy’s incredible cheesecake so definitely wanted to stop by there to try a bite.

My friend Jenny, however, is a fan of Junior’s cheesecake.

So, to settle this situation, we decided to have a cheesecake showdown! I went with a plain slice from each shop and before eating, was already convinced that Roxy’s was going to be my favorite due to the hype I’ve heard.
(Junior’s on left, Roxy’s on right)

But whenever I tasted the two, my mind quickly changed – Junior’s completely stood out! Junior’s really had the tanginess and creamy texture I was looking for in a good slice of cheesecake. And while Roxy’s wasn’t bad, it simply paled in comparison in texture and flavor. Even at first glance, Junior’s has the nice browned edge that gives it the authentic perfectly baked appearance.

So readers, if I ever make it back to NYC, are there any other favorite cheesecake spots I should check out? And if you’ve eaten cheesecake from either Roxy’s or Junior’s, what are your thoughts? 🙂

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