Brisket Tacos

17 Apr

What’s better than a crockpot meal that can be used in tons of different ways? Not much, as I see it. This meal has several components that I’ll address in following posts, such as homemade tortillas, an amazing barbeque sauce, and fiesta rice as a side dish.

Let me start by saying that this brisket is so versatile – besides these tacos, I used it for sandwiches and a mighty delicious pizza. I made the tacos smaller than normal to give them a little ‘food truck vibe’. After a long day of slow cooking, the meat was so tender and tasty. I added monterrey jack cheese, cilantro, and some homemade bourbon orange coriander BBQ sauce which made for a phenomenal pairing. I was SO glad there were lots of leftovers because I definitely wanted more of this tasty action. Like I say about lots of recipes, you can really personalize this meal with flavors you prefer. Maybe pick a different cheese, add your favorite salsa, or use corn tortillas instead. That’s another beauty of this meal – hope yall enjoy it!

Brisket Tacos

3 pounds brisket, from the flat cut
Salt and black pepper to taste
2 Tbsp red wine vinegar
1 carton beef broth
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1 tsp ground coriander
2 leafy stems cilantro
1 lime, cut into wedges and slightly squeezed

Flour tortillas (or corn if you prefer)
Monterrey jack cheese, shredded
Fresh cilantro
Bourbon Orange Coriander Barbeque Sauce (optional)

Combine all of the brisket ingredients in a crockpot and cook on low for 8 hours. Remove the brisket and let it rest for 10-15 minutes. Shred the meat with two forks and remove fat. Line some tortillas with the shredded brisket and add shredded monterrey jack cheese, cilantro, and sauce. (or anything else you want to top it with) Serve while hot and enjoy!

Source: Adapted from Homesick Texan

One Response to “Brisket Tacos”

  1. Savory Simple April 18, 2012 at 9:15 pm #

    This looks great!

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