Italian Quesadillas

9 Sep


Don’t you love it when you rummage through your fridge for something to toss together and it turns out amazing? This is totally one of those dishes. The other day I grabbed some pesto sauce, mozzarella, sliced baby portobellos, and thinly sliced salami and tossed it on some leftover tortillas to create an Italian style quesadilla. The results were delicious!

The tortilla was the perfect vehicle to get a crispy exterior while the cheese inside got nice and melty. The meaty mushrooms combined with the salami and basil pesto worked perfectly together. I was also thinking that these ingredients would make for a great panini sandwich too! Maybe next time…

Italian Quesadillas

2 flour tortillas
2 Tbsp pesto sauce
8 thin slices of salami
About 10 slices of baby portobello mushrooms
1/2 cup shredded mozzarella

Yield: 2 fold-over quesadillas

Spread a Tablespoon of pesto sauce on each tortilla. Arrange 4 slices of salami and half of the mushroom slices on each tortilla and divide the mozzarella between the two. Heat a large pan on medium heat and place one tortilla in the pan, toppings side up of course. Let it sit until the cheese starts to melt a little. Fold the tortilla in half and continue to cook for a minute until tortilla is crispy and cheese is melted. Flip it over and heat the other side for a minute. Serve while hot and cut in half if wanted.

Source: A Beckster Original


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