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Cherry Limeade

21 Aug

As a refreshing summer treat, I surprised my hubby with a homemade version of a favorite beverage – the classic cherry limeade! We’re suckers for Sonic’s specialty drinks (especially during the daily happy hour when they’re 1/2 off!) and while my go-to Sonic drink is Ocean Water, he loves their Cherry Limeade. After seeing that a fellow food blogger posted her love for their drinks and shared their “secret recipe”, (thanks Jessica!) I knew I had to try it myself!

This is such a simple beverage to concoct; you can use regular Sprite or save calories with Sprite Zero or something similar. The only ingredient that might be hard to find is the cherry syrup. I found it at World Market – they have a fantastic selection of flavored syrups! I was slightly bummed that I didn’t have awesome ice like Sonic does – my big cubes just weren’t the same as their small “cubelet ice” as it’s known. Just a minor detail, I know, but regardless, this drink really hit the spot on a hot summer day in Texas!

Cherry Limeade

Juice of 1 small lime
1/4 cup cherry syrup
1 can Sprite, 12 oz
Maraschino cherry and lime for garnish (optional)

Put several ice cubes in a large glass. Add the cherry syrup, lime juice, and Sprite to the glass. Stir to combine. Add a maraschino cherry and slice of lime for garnish, if desired. Easy as that!

Source: Adapted fromĀ The Novice Chef Blog

Twisted Root Burger Company

2 Feb

Attention all readers in the DFW area – if you’re looking for a tasty burger – definitely check out theĀ Twisted Root Burger Company! I’ve been to two of their locations (Deep Ellum & Roanoke) and haven’t been disappointed yet. From their juicy burgers and four varieties of homemade pickles, to announcing your order via a celebrity/character’s name given at the register, this spunky restaurant has some delicious food and delivers a fun experience. The Deep Ellum location has a lot more attitude than the more family-friendly Roanoke shop. I recently visited the Roanoke location for the first time with some friends and check out my dinner:

I had the chipotle, guacamole, and cheddar burger with fried pickles on the side. Yum! Their western burger is my other fave and the homemade sweet potato chips are also amazing. I haven’t ventured into the more adventurous side of their menu with ostrich, buffalo, and venison burgers, but I hear they’re great. They have so many unique homemade things; the pickles mentioned above, root beer, and condiments such as ancho-chipotle ketchup and horseradish mustard.

I actually heard about Twisted Root on the Food Network while living in Virginia and made a point to visit while I was in town. (they were featured on Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives) I was quickly hooked – so if yall ever crave a great burger, I encourage you give this place a try!

PS: Just a word of advice, if you visit the Deep Ellum location and park in the lot next to the restaurant, make sure to pay for parking right away. Don’t even quickly run inside to get some cash or they might boot your car. Sadly I speak from experience…

Also, I wasn’t compensated for this review…it’s simply my own two cents. Just throwing that out there.

Five Sixty

22 Oct

This past Monday was Beckster and the Hubster’s 2 year anniversary! My how time flies. Hubster had a surprise date lined up, so I was super giddy and trying to let myself BE SURPRISED. I like to “be in the know” so surprises can be hard for me : )

Hubster made dinner reservations for us at Five Sixty in Dallas. I was SO excited! It’s the restaurant at the top of Reunion Tower and apparently every time we drove past it, I’d comment that “I really want to go there!” So now I’ve been, and it was amazing!

Reunion Tower is 560 feet tall, hence the restaurant name. When you arrive, you’re instantly stunned by the floor to ceiling windows that give you a breathtaking view of Dallas. The whole restaurant revolves 360 degrees, so if you stay in the same seat all night, you get to see everything at day, sunset, and night!

The food is an American-Asian fusion and the restaurant is owned by Wolfgang Puck. An instant “YES!” for foodies. By the way, the Executive Chef’s name is Patton Robertson, which made me giggle. Anyone else? Like reverse Robert Pattinson? Ok fine, I’m a dork.

Aaaanyways, we arrived a little early to make sure we beat the lovely Dallas traffic, and got to chill in the lounge until our table was ready. There we enjoyed the lovely views and a gorgeous sunset, along with some tasty drinks. I had the “Pearfect Martini” which was, you guessed it, a pear flavored martini. It consisted of Absolut Pear Vodka, Pear Puree, and Lime Juice. Yum! It’s definitely one of those “dangerous drinks” for me…where it’s nice and fruity and you almost forget it’s alcoholic! Hubster had the Shiso Honey Mojito, which I took a sip of, and it was also amazing. It consisted of Sailor Jerry Spiced Rum, Lime Juice, Shiso Leaf, and Local Texas Honey. Delish.

When our table was ready, we headed over and were seated for dinner. The simple chic table settings were very nice. As a restaurant lady, I really took in all the aesthetics. (trust me, there’s a lot to take in!)

Word got out that it was our anniversary, so first thing, our waiter brought out a yummy starter, compliments of the chef. How sweet! It was a small plate of sauteed green beans with toasted walnuts in a soy chili sauce topped with sesame seeds. SO good.

Then we moved on to some Bacon Wrapped Sea Scallops with Fresh Bamboo and Seaweed Butter. These scallops were so smooth, it was unbelievable. The seaweed butter was very subtle and paired perfectly with the other flavors.

Then we ordered our entrees. I picked the Sauteed Halibut with Thai Shrimp, Keffir Lime, and Pineapple-Chili Sambal. Wow. This was a good choice. The halibut was cooked perfectly and the sambal underneath was the perfect sweet/hot combo. The server who brought our dishes poured a little of a curry chili sauce on the side, which added a great punch. Absolutely delicious.

Hubster ordered the Honey Glazed Pork Chop with Bacon Confit, Spinach, and a Vanilla-Apricot Puree. This piece of pork was plated to perfection. (do you like my alliteration?) I let Hubster keep his meal to himself, but I did try a drop of the honey glaze, and if that was any indication to the whole plate, then YUM!

We were pretty stuffed and decided to forego the decadent dessert options, even though the Bittersweet Chocolate Souffle was calling my name. Maybe next time? : )

All in all, I definitely recommend Five Sixty. It made for an amazing anniversary date – great food, great ambiance, and great company.