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Cherry Limeade

21 Aug

As a refreshing summer treat, I surprised my hubby with a homemade version of a favorite beverage – the classic cherry limeade! We’re suckers for Sonic’s specialty drinks (especially during the daily happy hour when they’re 1/2 off!) and while my go-to Sonic drink is Ocean Water, he loves their Cherry Limeade. After seeing that a fellow food blogger posted her love for their drinks and shared their “secret recipe”, (thanks Jessica!) I knew I had to try it myself!

This is such a simple beverage to concoct; you can use regular Sprite or save calories with Sprite Zero or something similar. The only ingredient that might be hard to find is the cherry syrup. I found it at World Market – they have a fantastic selection of flavored syrups! I was slightly bummed that I didn’t have awesome ice like Sonic does – my big cubes just weren’t the same as their small “cubelet ice” as it’s known. Just a minor detail, I know, but regardless, this drink really hit the spot on a hot summer day in Texas!

Cherry Limeade

Juice of 1 small lime
1/4 cup cherry syrup
1 can Sprite, 12 oz
Maraschino cherry and lime for garnish (optional)

Put several ice cubes in a large glass. Add the cherry syrup, lime juice, and Sprite to the glass. Stir to combine. Add a maraschino cherry and slice of lime for garnish, if desired. Easy as that!

Source: Adapted from The Novice Chef Blog