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The Baker’s Bill

10 Jun

I’ve just found out about something called the “Texas Cottage Food Law” (thanks Alyssa!) which would make it legal to use a residential kitchen to run a food establishment. It’s currently illegal to have a home bakery of any sort in Texas – which is very sad! Think of all the delicious desserts and breads that people are missing out on!

So to all my foodie friends, please take 30 seconds of your time and call either 1-800-252-9600 or 512-463-2000 to let Governor Perry know that you support SB 81! Easy as that! Seriously, you can just call and say “Hi, my name is _______, and I support SB 81. Thank you.”

Please spread the word and help make it possible for home bakers to legally share their talents! You know you’d like me to bake something for you! ๐Ÿ™‚

For more information, visit Texas Cottage Food Lawย orย Texas Bakers Bill on Facebook